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You can use the form below to send us files of reference documents for quotation purpose.

For example, if you have existing documents that are scheduled for translation in one or more foreign languages, we can give you promptly a quotation for the required DTP work. Use the form below to send us your original PDF documents (source language) and tell us the names of the target languages. This will usually be enough information for us to give you a quotation for the DTP work required to create equivalent documents in the target languages.

The form below only accept PDF files, up to 10 files, max. size 100 MB each. If you want to send us other types of files, please upload them onto and send us a link to download them.
More precisely, go to, click on the Switch button and then on the Link button to request a download link (rather than sending an email automatically); then click on "+ Add files", select your files and click on the "Transfer" button to start the upload. When the upload completes, a download link will be displayed; copy-paste this download link into our Message box below (or into the Message box of our Contact Us page).

If what you need is something else or if you have any question, please use the Message field below to let us know.

You should receive a reply within the next couple of hours (during UK business opening hours).


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